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Your Quilt is in Good Hands

Professional Services

Your Quilt is in Good Hands

*  Quilt Your Quilt Tops Sizes:

  • Wall Hanging, Baby Quilts, Twin, Full, Queen, King


*  Quilting:

  • Over All Quilting (One quilting pattern over the entire quilt),

  • Light Custom Quilting (includes 2-3 custom quilted borders),

  • Full Custom Quilting (Special decorative patterns for your quilt top)


*  Binding


*  Sew quilt tops together


Automated Quilting

A Professional Touch

Automated Quilting is an intuitive tool for automating the quilting process, and we can help you. Choose from hundreds of designs and the software will quilt for you. It will seamlessly guide you from pattern design to the stitching stage with the ease of a professional. 


How to figure your quilting costs:




Twin Quilt top                                   72 x 90 = 6480″

Overall quilting                            6480″ x $.015 = $97.50

Light custom quilting                  6480″ x $.02 = $129.60

Full custom quilting                    6480″ x $.03 = $194.40

Add $2.00 – $5.00 for thread depending on how much is used for your quilting


Yes, I can provide batting for you!

Sewing Machine